Available Loan services in MoMoney currently

MoMoney is a fintech company located in Lagos, it has carefully designed and developed a range of financial solutions for people in its community, its loan products are accessible to people in various works of life across Lagos state ranging from entrepreneurs, salary earners, petty traders, civil servants, etc. Currently, It deployed two of its loan products are which are the Salary Loan and Swift Loan;


(5,000 – 50,000 NAIRA)

This loan product is open to our customers who are in need of emergency/urgent funds within the shortest possible time.

It is open to individuals within the age range of 21 – 50 and can be paid back weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly and interest ranges between 15 -20 % interest. The customer enjoys a cheaper interest rate and has access to higher amounts when repayments are made promptly.



(100,000 – 1,000,000 NAIRA)

This loan product is open to individuals who reside and work in Lagos State.

It is open to customers within the age range of 18 – 60yrs and can be repaid back monthly, between 3 – 6 months, with a monthly interest rate of 3.5%.

Customers applying for salary loan get their loan requests approved and fund within 3 hours.



According to the organization, this particular category is yet to be made available for customers but will be coming out with more updates on it real soon.

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